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Victoria Jubilee Museum

The Victoria Jubilee Museum is an archeological museum that was established way back in the year 1887. Even after the passage of more than a hundred years this museum has managed to retain its popularity because of its varied and unique collection of arts and artifacts. It is located on the Bandar Road in Vijayawada.

The greatest draw of the Victoria Jubilee Museum is in the black granite statue of Lord Buddha. This magnificent statue is indeed very impressive. Apart from this many other stone and bronze sculptures are also to be sighted in the museum. Significant among them is the white limestone figure of Lord Buddha which has been brought to this museum from Alluru. It is several centuries old and is still very well preserved.

The idol of Lord Shiva that one can see on his visit to the Victoria Jubilee Museum dates back to the 4th and 5th centuries and gives proof of remarkable sculptural dexterity. The image of Mahishasura Mardini or Goddess Durga is also quite admirable.

The rich collection of the Victoria Jubilee Museum includes pre historic tools, pottery, stone and copper plates, gold and silver coins, arms and armory, textiles and coins. Stone cut writings and manuscripts are a part of this rare collection. Various other objects that have been unearthed from excavations of historical sites have a place in the collection. Beautiful paintings are also exhibited at the Victoria Jubilee Museum.

The Victoria Jubilee Museum is open on all days of the week except on Fridays and public holidays from 10.30a.m. in the morning to 5’o clock in the evening. No entrance fee is charged for entry to this museum. However visitors have to pay an extra charge for taking cameras within the Victoria Jubilee Museum.