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Vijayeswara Swami Temple

The Vijayeswara Temple located on top of the Indrakiladri hill in the close vicinity of the Kanadurga Temple is one of them. You are sure to be impressed by the sculptural work that is displayed in the temple.

History of Vijayeswara Swami Temple, Vijaywada

The temple dates back to antiquity. According to legend, it belongs to that period of history when the Pandavas were present. It is popularly believed that the idol was installed by Arjuna himself in order to commemorate his victory over Lord Shiva. Arjuna succeeded in emerging victorious over lord Shiva by in the form of a Kirata or hunter. It is difficult for anyone to resist visiting a temple, the construction of which is attributed to an epic hero.

Description of Vijayeswara Swami Temple, Vijaywada

You are sure to be absolutely overwhelmed on seeing the episode of Arjuna’s encounter with Shiva carved out adroitly in stone on the walls of this temple.

It points out to the efficiency of our ancient craftsmen. It is indeed a piece of architectural marvel and not surprisingly a major tourist attraction.


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