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Kanheri Caves in Mumbai

Located on the western outskirts of Mumbai is the group of Kanheri Caves. These rock-cut monuments are found inside the Sanjay Gandhi National Park. Chiseled from massive basaltic salt, the caves represent the Buddhist influence on the art and culture of India. They date back to somewhere between 1st century BCE and 10th century CE. Each cave has a stone plinth for a bed and Buddhist shrine is placed in the congregation hall. Most of these caves are Buddhist Viharas meant for meditating, studying and living. When these caves were converted into permanent monasteries, the rocks were carved with the relief of Buddha and Bodhisattva. About 51 legible inscriptions and 26 epigraphs are found here; these include the include Devanagari, Brahmi and Pahlavi. The unfinished paintings of Buddha on the ceiling of Cave Number 34 reflect a mysterious vibe. 

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