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Kargil Town in Ladakh

In the ancient days, Kargil was an important trade route to the Asian countries like Tibet, China, Yarkand, and Kashmir. However, Today Kargil is a quiet town located in the middle of the Himalayan region with optimum potential for adventure. Apart from the thrill, Kargil offers you natural beauty and shopping opportunities that keep you connected with excitement. Therefore, on their trip to Ladakh, tourists go for a tour to Kargil since it is an essential base for adventure tours in the Himalayas.

Since 1975 Kargil has become an important base for tourists looking for adventure in the Himalayas. It is a favorite take-off station for those venturing into the beautiful Zanskar Valley. It is a quiet town amidst the hillsides of the lower Suru basin. If you are on your tour to Kargil in the months between May and August, you will be amazed to see the valley resplendent with the fragrant white apricot blossoms slowly ripening to orange.

Drass and Wakha are the two tributaries of the Suru River. The hillsides are terraced for cultivating barley, wheat, peas, various vegetables, and other cereals.

While Kargil may serve as the base station for adventure tourism such as trekking, mountaineering, camping, and river rafting, it also is an important base for taking trips to Mulbek. A 9-meter high rock sculpture of the Future Buddha is the chief attraction of Mulbek. Enjoyable walks along the river bank and up the hillside can also highlight your tour to Kargil. The 2-meter winding path that passes through the most picturesque parts of the town and mountain streams leads to the Goma Kargil.

While you stroll to the bazaar, you might take a souvenir back home, picking up from the ships that line up selling handcrafted items, apricot jam, Pashmina shawls, local carpets, and woolen handicrafts.

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