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Rangdum Valley Tour in Ladakh

Rangdum is situated 130 km southeast of Kargil and somewhere between Kargil and Padum. It is the most isolated part of Suru Valley and is surrounded by colorful hills and rocky mountains beset with glaciers on the other side. Rangdum has remoteness that glorifies its beauty, and it is almost haunting while you traverse this isolated Himalayan village. A tour to Rangdum in Ladakh is a must while you visit the Himalayas.

The most attractive tourist attraction on your tour to Rangdum is the imposing 18th-century Buddhist monastery. 40 monks reside here. The monastery stands on a picturesque hilltop, like an enchanting castle entrenched by wild mountain streams that run their course around this abode of God. The monastery overlooks the entire valley and enjoys the valley's ownership, including the hills, streams, pastures, and tilled land.

Rangdum is a vital base station for trekking. One of the most important treks is the trek that leads up to Henaskut, near Lamayuru monastery. The trekking offers you the spectacular spectacle of the beautiful gorge of the Kanji valley. It is a 5-day trek, and it also forms the last leg of the two-week-long Himalayan trek between Kashmir and Ladakh. On your tour to Rangdum, you can avail of these treks.

Rangdum is packed with beauty, thrill, and excitement. And you can experience each element with a smooth travel experience by planning a holiday in Ladakh through our well-crafted tour packages of Ladakh.