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Nubra Valley Tour in Ladakh

Nubra Valley is a beautiful place situated 150 kilometers North of Leh. It has freezing temperatures during the winter, but the scenario all around is so mesmerizing that it has become a favorite tourist spot in Ladakh. Lying at a great altitude, a tour to Nubra Valley in Ladakh makes for a unique experience. 

You can reach Nubra Valley from Leh via many high passes. Nubra valley had been an active part of the Caravan Route in ancient times, but at present, it offers ample opportunities for mountain lovers to enjoy its splendor. In this valley, you will get unparalleled trekking opportunities. The picturesque landscapes are bound to leave you bewildered. Nubra Valley is the homeland of the double-humped Bactrian camel.

Nubra Valley is drained by River Nubra, a tributary of the Shyok River. Shyok River flows almost parallel to the river Indus on the northern side of the Ladakh range. Nubra Valley is a rich stretch of land. Because of its richness of vegetation, Nubra Valley is referred to as the "Orchard of Ladakh."

Apart from this valley, you explore much other beauty during your Ladakh tour. Plan your vacation in Ladakh through our tour package, and contact us for any modifications to your holiday.