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Museums in Tamil Nadu

A Museum is an important place where diverse documents related to History, Religion, Politics, Economy and especially the artifacts are stored with care and concern for the public. Museum always inspires the process of learning; abetting it with entertainment, so that people learns from the plethora of artifacts in the Museum. Tamil Nadu with its delicate collection of ancient relics has been a safe home to a number of museums. Scattered here and there the Museums in Tamil Nadu embodies the rich cultural heritage of India. The word Museum originated from the Greek word Mouseion.

The meaning of this word is a place dedicated to the Muses. Hence this name has been used to denote a place where rare and exquisite collection of relics would assist in the process of learning. The glut of artifacts in the Museum lures the tourists from across the globe. Museum is especially the most important place for the Anthropologists who find it very interesting aiding in the process of learning The major Museum in Tamil Nadu are the following:

Museums in Chennai

There are numerous antiquities and relics in the Chennai Museums. They reminds us of the rich cultural heritage of South India and also points out the architectural skill of our forefathers. Few important Museums in Chennai are the Government Museum in Chennai and the Vivekananda Museum at Chennai. The latter is obviously a property of the Government of Chennai and illuminates the Anthropologists with its bounteous artifacts.

Museums in Thanjavur

Thanjavur had been originally the palace of the Nayakas. Some of the wonderful and exquisite pieces of architecture have been on display at the Thanjavur Art Gallery. There is also a Library and a Music Hall at the Thanjavur Museum. Thanjavur Royal Palace Museum is the only Museum at Thanjavur and is mostly visited.

Museums in Mahabalipuram

This is a peaceful town in the Mahabalipuram district and abounds in a huge number of artifacts that have been left by the Pallavas and the Cholas (rulers of the region). The historical monuments of the 7th and 9th centuries have been very nicely conserved at Mahabalipuram and therefore it was classified as the World Heritage Site by the UNESCO. Sculptor Museum is the only important Museum at Mahabalipuram.

Museums in Madurai

The history of Madurai goes back to 2500 years when the place had been an important commercial centre. It was the capital of the Pandya Kings and thereafter numerous dynasties reigned here. The Gandhi Memorial Museum at Madurai is the living memoir of the Father of the Nation and has rare collection of materials which are otherwise obscure.More information on museum at Madurai


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