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Viceregal Lodge, Shimla

Let's go back to the old time to experience history elegantly with Viceregal Lodge. This British-era building is drenched in colonial vibes and ringed by beautiful pine trees, well-maintained botanical gardens, and rose plants. It is one of the must-visit tourist attractions of Shimla that is located on Observatory Hill and offers a panoramic view. Viceregal Lodge is also known as Rashtrapati Niwas, and undeniably, it is one of the foremost historical sites of Shimla. This building has some of the most ancient articles and photographs of the time of British rule in India. Apart from that, you will learn more about architecture, get a bird-eye view, and seek peace. Viceregal is an ideal place for you. Enjoying walking around the garden area and sipping your coffee from the stall gives you some of the best moments of your Shimla tour. You can book a Shimla tour package with us and explore other major town attractions. Contact our travel experts for more information and book a tour with us!

  • Location: Observatory Hill Near Shimla Railway Station
  • Entry Fee: For Indians 20 per person
    For Foreigners 50 per person
  • Timing: Tuesday to Sunday- 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Monday closed)

History of Viceregal Lodge

This majestic building was designed by a famous British architect- Henry Irwin. He was designated as the chief superintendent of the entire construction of this building. The project construction of the building started in 1880 and finished in 1888. Viceregal Lodge is a six-story British-era building that was built in Jacobethan Style. The interior of this building is decorated with Burma teak and fascinating woodwork that will blow your mind. And the use of grey stones reflects the influence of the British era.

Once upon a time, Viceregal Lodge was the residence of Lord Dufferin. He shifted into the building once it was completed. In the past, it was a popular place for parties and important discussions regarding India's Independence. After Independence, this building came under the Presidents of India, who decided to make it a Scholars Abode. The Ministry of Education accepted the proposal and handed over Viceregal Lodge to the Indian Institute of Advanced Study in 1965. Now, this lodge serves as the center of IIAS (Indian Institute of Advanced Study).

Best Time to Visit Viceregal Lodge

March to June and October to December are the two best times to visit Viceregal Lodge. During this time, the climate is pleasant and gives you a blissful experience. In the summertime, you can enjoy a short stroll around the garden and let the cool and fresh air touch your face. However, if you want to plan your visit in the wintertime, you can enjoy the combination of hot coffee, cold weather, and a panoramic view of the Shimla mountain ranges. Is it not something that you have ever thought of enjoying in your life? You must have said yes to yourself.

Places to Visit Near Viceregal Lodge

Being located at the Observatory Hill, Viceregal Lodge is easily accessible from the main city of Shimla. Numerous tourist attractions are easily accessible from these historical buildings. The nearby attractions of Viceregal Lodge are suitable for every kind of trip. Whether you want to create sweet memories with your family or looking for a romantic escape with your partner, places around Viceregal Lodge never fail to amaze you. Here is the list of tourist places to visit around this iconic building.

Traveling Tips for Viceregal Lodge

  • Do not forget to wear comfortable sports shoes.
  • Carry a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen lotions.
  • Do not forget to click pictures of Shimla mountain ranges from the buildings.
  • Enjoy Coffee while exploring the botanical garden of Viceregal Lodge.
  • Keep in mind the closing time before planning your visit.

How to Reach Viceregal Lodge

The closest airport to reach Viceregal Lodge is Jubbarhatti Airport, which is located 23 km away from the city center. After landing at the airport, you can hire a cab or taxi to reach your desired location. Numerous AC and non-AC buses connect Shimla to many Indian states with good road connectivity. After landing in Shimla, you can take any taxi or cab to reach the Viceregal Lodge. The nearest railway station from the Viceregal Lodge in Shimla Railway Station, which is around 7 km away from it. After reaching the railway station, you can easily reach your destination as there are numerous modes of transport in Shimla.

Accommodations Near Viceregal Lodge

Viceregal Lodge is one of Shimla's most popular tourist destinations, attracting tourists throughout the year. There is no dearth of accommodation options near The Viceregal Lodge for you. You will get a wide range of options to choose your stay in a different style. Whether you want to stay in a luxury hotel, budget-friendly hotel, resort, or homestay, everything is possible when you are in Shimla. Let's check out some of the best accommodation near Viceregal Lodge.

  • Hotel Aarika Homestay
  • Snow Valley Resorts
  • Shimla Havens Resort
  • Snow Valley Resort
  • Hotel CK International
  • Hotel Blossom
  • The Zion


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