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Shopping in Shimla

A vacation is never complete without a shopping spree. And shopping in Shimla is a traveler's delight. Whether buying knick knacks or souvenirs for your near and dear ones or buying handicrafts products that reflect the culture and aura of Shimla, all call for a hard bargain. If you visit Shimla, you will be spoilt for choosing what to buy and what to discard.

There are some of the best places in Shimla for shopping. You can stroll along the Mall Road, where a row of shops will tempt you to splurge money without any reason. The Mall Road in Shimla is reminiscent of the colonial era of India with varied rooflines, colonial buildings with French windows, meandering roads, a clock tower, and assorted columns. All these factors culminate to give you the best shopping experience in Shimla Mall Road.

If you are shopping in Shimla, visit the Cottage Industries Emporium. It has a variety of hand-woven carpets, shawls, and blankets in traditional weaves, as well as other items like handmade paper and exquisitely carved wooden tables. Lakkar Bazaar is another place you should visit while street shopping in Shimla. This is a treasure trove for those wanting to drool at antiques and wooden works from this region.

And before you begin your Shimla shopping trip, make sure you bargain for locally made goods, as the shopkeepers quote high and unreasonable prices.

Here are the best places for shopping in Shimla -

The Mall Road

Shopping in Shimla Mall Road is one of the best experiences you can have on your trip. Mall Road boasts departmental stores, showrooms, and other shops. The Himachal Emporium is also located here. You can get your hand on colorful and vibrant Himachali caps at Mall Road, which are quite affordable. Additionally, Tibetan carpets and Pashmina shawls can also be bought from the local stores while shopping in Shimla Mall Road. Gloves, sweaters, and socks can also be found here. Apparels decorated with sequins, mirror work, and beads, and local and branded clothes can also be purchased.

Himachal Emporium

Himachal Emporium is famous in Shimla for shopping. It is located on Mall Road and is perfect for shopping for locally made products. The hand-woven carpets and shawls portray the art of the Himachal artisans at their best. The scenes in these woven carpets and shawls are typical of the place, some bordered with intricate design and others depicting Himachali life and mountains. Also, try out the Himachali hat, which comes in vivid colors and designs. You will also find a large collection of Kangra silks, Kinnauri shawls, and other Himachal souvenirs at Himachal Emporium. It is maintained and run by the Govt. of Himachal Pradesh.

Tibetan Market

One of the best spots for shopping in Shimla, Tibetan Market, is located on the slopes of Shimla and is great for those who love bargains. Here, you can get your hands on woolen clothes, Tibetan carpets and rugs, sweaters, scarves, jackets, and mufflers. There are also Tibetan bags, boots, shoes, and jewelry. Visit here for one of the best Shimla shopping and take antiques and curios back with you. It is located beneath the Ridge and is great for budget shoppers. If you get hungry, you can savor corn cobs dripping in butter, salt, and lime sold by vendors.

Lakkar Bazaar

Home to an array of shops selling beautiful wooden decorative items, Lakkar Bazaar is one of the best places for shopping in Shimla. Located next to Mall Road, this market in Shimla is ideal for spending your evenings and shopping at the same time. Antique works, woolen garments, artificial jewelry, Pashmina shawls, and Himachali handicrafts can be bought at Lakkar Bazaar. The roads are narrow, which offers great street shopping in Shimla. Key chains, candle stands, spoons, and pots are other stuff available here. Plus, before leaving, enjoy delicious food at several eateries serving piping hot momos and chaat.

Middle Bazar

Just a turn from Baljees Restaurant at Mall Road will take you to Middle Bazaar in Shimla. It is a marketplace known for New Plaza Restaurant and Malook Restaurant, offering lip-smacking Indian delicacies in a rowdy ambiance. It is a regular market with food stalls, chemist stores, and general stores. If you want to get a taste of the local life of Shimla, you should visit Middle Bazaar. Every evening locals meet here to chit-chat. Middle Bazaar is perfect for getting away from the touristy Mall Road and The Ridge.

Lower Bazaar

Lower Bazaar, also called Subzi Mandi, is perfect for getting inexpensive daily use products. Endless streets in Lower Bazaar merge into one another and sell everything from walking sticks to wooden items and winter clothes to mobile phones and vegetables. This is one of the best places for shopping in Shimla as it holds an old-world charm. You will also come across skilled artisans carving various designs and shapes of wooden sticks. Also, as you walk up the street, you will see bookshops selling magazines, comics, guides, and school books.

Ram Bazaar

Known for its winding streets, Ram Bazaar has many shops that sell clothes, textiles, and jewelry. This shopping market in Shimla also has many religious places of different faiths. You can visit St. Michael's Catholic Cathedral, which has beautiful exteriors and stained-glass windows. Shri Ram Mandir is also located here, a massive Hindu temple with colorful shrines. Ram Bazaar has many stay options as well, with great mountain views.


Minchy's is quite popular among the locals of Shimla. It is one of the top Shimla shopping places, selling authentic and tasty jams, juices, squashes, and fruit wines. It is located in Shimla's small suburb, Shoghi. On your Shimla trip, you can visit Minocha Industries' which produces fruit-based jams and are a popular souvenir to take back home from Shimla. The entire area has abundant fruits, they just turn them into delicious and high-quality gourmet goods. Many stalls sell these products on Delhi - Shimla highway and in the city.

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