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Golden Triangle Tour

If you have a thing for culture, IHPL's Golden Triangle Tours will delight you. A mystical insight into the cultural melting pot of North India, these tours romance the famed Golden Triangle of India – the Delhi-Agra-Jaipur corridor. So, if it's the Maharajas' way of life that fascinates you, or the street food of old Delhi that tantalizes your taste buds, or maybe the enchanting Taj Mahal that renders you speechless – the Golden Triangle tour is what you're looking for. Sink into the diversity that is the vivid Golden Triangle and absorb the sights and sounds of the 3 most culturally relevant cities of North India.

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Colors of Rajasthan

"Khammaghani" and welcome to the Land of the Maharajas – Rajasthan. If you have always wondered how did the extravagant Indian Maharajas lead a lifestyle of excesses, here's your chance. 6 choicest tours to the land of the blue-bloodied royalty – visit their forts and palaces, eat what they ate, sleep where they slept, play like they played. But that's not all to Rajasthan. Underneath the blinding sparkle of the royal way of life, lies the simple, folk undertones that introduce you to the other side of Rajasthan. Sing and dance to the tunes of the nomadic Langas, devour a large bowl of Lal Maas and wash it down with the most exclusive of wines or just pitch a tent right in the middle of the Thar and enjoy the feeble chill of the night. IHPL's Colors of Rajasthan tours bring you the best of both worlds.

Relaxing Beach and Backwaters

If you could recount the number of times you have dreamed about lounging at beachside, sipping a tall glass of Pina Colada, getting an exotic body massage; you would actually be surprised! Get that well deserved break from work and spend it relaxing on a houseboat in Alleppey. Or maybe, you could finally finish your scuba-diving course in Goa's pristine beaches. And it's not just Goa, mind you! India, with its massive coastline, is a haven for beachbums who just cannot ever have enough of surf-n-sand. And if you, too, are crazy about water sports; let's just say you will have a rock-a-licious time in India.

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Indian Cultural Insight

For a country with 18 national languages, 27 states and 30+ kinds of different terrains, it is no surprise that diverse and kalaeidoscopic are the two most common adjectives used to describe India's culture. To explore a country as culturally rich as India, it may take weeks and even months. Not with Indian Cultural insight tours, though! From short 3 day tours to extended 25 day holidays – cultural tours to India bring you closer to the potpourri of different lands and people that make India asymmetrical and multidimensional. Interact with locals, learn local cuisines, try and understand different languages, or just go all ethnic on your attire – we will ensure you experience the best of India and its culture.

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Luxury Trains Tours

Ever imagined how would it feel to sip a tall glass of sparkling champagne while you stretch in the privacy of your own suite as your personal butler gets you evening snacks – well, you may have in a five star hotel. How about the living the exact experience on a moving train? Don't believe it? Try any of the 6 insanely luxurious Indian luxury trains and partake in the indulgence of IHPL's luxury train tours. 11 journeys across the length and breadth of India – each a cultural voyage to the most fascinating destinations across the country.

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Mesmerizing Hills

Quaint, rustic, virgin and surreal – if only we could come up with better words to describe the mesmerizing hills of India. For a country that is flanked by the mighty Himalayas to its north, it is only natural India is blessed and protected by some of the world's most beautiful hills and mountains. The high altitudes of the Indian hills are a soothing retreat from the scathing North Indian sun. And it's not just the North which has a fair splattering of hilly areas – apart from Kashmir, Himachal and Uttarakhand – the hills of Ooty, Munnar, Kodaikanal are just as beautiful.

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Best of Indian Wildlife

Are you a nature enthusiast? Do you even carry your SLR when visiting the local grocer? Do you like to get up, close and personal with wildlife in its raw, untampered grandeur? If yes, then let us present the Best of Indian Wildlife – only a few carefully selected India tours with wildlife as their central theme. Yes, for the uninitiated, India arguably has the largest pool of varied fauna and flora that has been appreciably restored in its wildlife sanctuaries, national parks and other wildlife precincts. So while you're here, make sure you take some time to meet the Royal Bengal Tiger and the massive Asiatic Elephant. No wonder India's a favorite with NatGeo!

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Honeymoon Memories Forever

So, you finally got some time to yourselves after the crazy shenanigans of your wedding. All you want is some peace, some quiet and, of course, lots of privacy. IHPL is a champion at organizing romantic holidays for couples who like to get far from the maddening crowd and has a number of itineraries lined up as part of its special Honeymoon Memories program. Let us whisk just the two of you away to some of the most romantic destinations where time will stand still and love is what the makes the world go round. Romantic dinners, long beachside walks, champagne at mountain-tops – we're just getting started here!

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Ayurveda, Yoga and Spa

India is a country that has been civilized for more than 4 millennia now. And as part of its rich history, Ayurveda and Yoga are two disciplines that have taught the world the goods of Homeopathy. Yes, India is where Ayurveda and Yoga trace back their roots to and, when combined with IHPL's exemplary spa and hospitality services, together make for a rejuvenating trip. Immerse yourself in the sanctity of meditation as our specially planned holidays take you to some of the most charismatic Yoga and Ayurveda destinations in India. Two words best describe our Ayurveda, Yoga and Spa tours – Surreal Tranquility.

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Pilgrimage Across India

Would you like to lose yourself in the rhythmic chants at the Ganga ghats or the soulful Sufi qawwalis at the Dargah of Ajmer Sharif? Have you always wanted to pay your reverences at the Char Dhams, or the shrines at Vaishno Devi, Kailash Mansarover and Amarnath? Are you seeking spiritual fulfillment through a holy pilgrimage to the most religious destinations in India? If yes, then choose any of IHPL's pilgrimages across India and fulfill your ambition of paying your homage to the Almighty at his very doors. IHPL also presents the wonderful opportunity of visiting most pilgrim destinations via helicopters, saving you a lot of time and effort.

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Gems of Central India

The central part of India is a cultural gem in its own right. The vast Deccan Plateau makes for some endearing locales that visitors throng to, year after year. Geographically, Central India is blessed with diverse terrains and a rich geography. The states of Maharashtra, Orissa and Madhya Pradesh are cultural melting pots themselves and present the unique opportunity of exploring all holiday themes within a span of a few days. If it's the chilly breeze of the hills you crave for, head straight to the Satpura Ranges. Feel like "shooting" the Royal Bengal Tiger, Bandhavgarh National Park it is. Or if it's the taste of local culture that you yearn for, Gems of Central India tour would delight you to the core.

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Highlights of South India

It's only of late that the south of India has caught up with North India in terms of tourist footfall but what an upsurge has it been. Fresh, uncharted backwaters, mildly pleasant climate and forest clad hills are not the only reasons Ooty, Munnar and Kochi are the new darlings of tourists visiting South India. Culture wise, no other part of India is as rich and accomplished as South India. The ancient temples of Madurai, Thanjavur, Rameshwaram and Tiruchirapalli and Dravidian masterpieces that never cease to amaze their visitors. Absorbing the stark contrast in the culture and lifestyle between the North and South India is yet another highlight of your south Indian sojourn.

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Western Sojourn

Visitors from outside India believe no trip to India is complete without the mandatory trip to the royal lands of Rajasthan in western India. Yes, Western India has just that something extra to woo its guests. How, you ask? Well, of course, there are the picturesque Western Ghats that make for some breathtaking views, the flourishing Arabian Sea that washes its sides, the murky Thar desert that is a tourist magnet and the enigmatic Rann of Kutch that enhances its diversity. Just to put things in perspective, the states of Gujarat and Rajasthan alone account for about 18% of India's tourism revenues. Impressed? Wait till you come for one of our Western Sojourn tours!

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Tribal Insight

For a country whose sole identity for ages was as "the Land of Snake Charmer", India has sure come a long way. However, ethnic tribes and tribal lifestyle are still a fascinating reality and IHPL's Tribal Insight tours enthrall guests by having them interact with local tribes and observe their lifestyles, their mannerisms. Indian tribals are a friendly lot, and contrary to what skeptics may have you believe, welcome you to their homes with great warmth. So, while you literally learn to kill two birds with a single stone, there's the piping hot kodo and kutki waiting to be devoured at the Baiga tribe somewhere in Mandla, Madhya Pradesh. And you thought only bungee jumping was adventure!

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Luxury Golf Tour

When we saw many of our guests (mostly men) enquiring about the best local golf courses, we had the brainwave of introducing a special line-up of tours that provided golfing opportunities at only the best golf courses in India. So, if you are a golfing enthusiast and are looking to better your handicap while the missus gets her Keraleeyam massage, pick any of IHPL's Luxury Golf Tours. Extended sessions in the sprawling greens of most picturesque golf courses in India, cultural interludes with local destinations, impromptu shopping sprees and lunches at only the choicest of resorts - if ever there was a better recipe for a luxury gold tour, we know none of it.

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