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Malpe Beach Udupi, Karnataka

Malpe Beach in Udupi is another sprawling beach of South India known for its pristine beauty. About 392 kms from Bangalore and 66 kms from Mangalore it has a sheltered harbor and is just 6 kilometers from Udupi. It is an ideal retreat for visitors looking for solitude.

Besides the beauty of the clear blue sea and the long silver beach a boat ride to the uninhabited St. Mary's Isles can a be thrilling experience. A ferry ride from the fishing harbor will take you to this island. The beach is strewn with black rocks that pop up from the sand, and that bestows a dramatic effect. It is not a beach ideal for either swimming or strolling but one of those spectacular beaches of India that offers a magnificent view.

About 6 kms from Udupi at the mouth of the Malpe River is a natural harbor. It is a well known fishing harbor of the Karnataka coastline. The Maple beach is an incessant stretch of golden sand, glittering Arabian Sea and swaying palm trees that offer a perfect setting for a holiday.

Island of Darya Bahadurgarh is another beautiful island across the bay. Balarama Temple and an old tile factory constructed by the Basel Mission are the other places of tourists' attraction.