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Ibrahim Rouza Bijapur

Popularly hailed as the 'Agra of South India', Bijapur in Karnataka is home to some of the finest monuments in Karnataka. The ancient capital of the Adil Shahi rulers, Bijapur has, till date, managed to preserve its royal charm and grandeur through its numerous monuments dating back to the 15th-17th centuries. One such outstanding monument is the Ibrahim Rouza- a beautiful tomb replete with elegant corridors and interconnected buildings furnished with richly decorated walls and perforated stone windows.

Ibrahim Rouza is admired mostly as an exemplary instance of elegance and delicacy. The minarets of this mausoleum rise 24 m. above the ground and are believed to have provided inspiration for building the minarets of the wondrous Taj Mahal. Ibrahim Rouza in Karnataka is among the few monuments in Bijapur which showcases extensive stone filigree and other sculpturally decorative works.


Built by Ibrahim Adil Shah II (1580-1626) for his queen Taj-Sultana, Ibrahim Rouza Bijapur exhibits an austere grace about it and provides an excellent insight into the Muslim architecture of the era. One of the finest historical monuments in Karnataka, Ibrahim Rouza in Bijapur Karnataka must be visited on your tour to Karnataka.

Ibrahim Rouza Bijapur is also famous as the place where King Ibrahim Adil Shah II, his queen, his daughter, two sons and his mother Haji Badi Sahiba were buried. A monument well worth visit on any tour to Bijapur, Ibrahim Rouza is one of the most beautiful Islamic buildings in the world.

How to Reach Ibrahim Rouza Bijapur

  • By Air:- The nearest airport is at Belgaum (205 km).
  • By Rail:- Bijapur is well-connected by rail to Bangalore and other major cities of India.
  • By Bus:- Bijapur is connected by decent roadways with many places in South and West India like Aihole, Badami, Pattadakal, Hampi, Belgaum, Bangalore and Mumbai.


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