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Hidimbeshwar Temple

While on a trip to Karnataka one must visit the Hidimbeshwar Temple is located in Chitradurga which is famous for its artistic beauty. The temple is one of the most important temple in Badami. This is a cave temple and is worth a visit. This temple showcases the marvelous sculpture made out of rocks.

The astounding and amazing temple has a massive kettle which is said belonged to the legendary character Bhima of Mahabharata. The temple, entrance, walls and doors are all beautifully carved. The temple bears a structural significance. The grand art and sculpture of the Dravidians is revealed from the art work depicted on this temple. The artworks on the temple state the rich culture and brilliant architectural skills of the Dravidians.

Their tastes and interests are also reflected in the style and structure of the temple reflects their cultural taste and interest. Beautifully carved figures and images are engraved in the pillars of the temple. The ceiling of the temple has carved designs of sublime beauty, the walls are decorated with fine art works, and the paved floors made of stone are worth observing. The rich interior of the temple is complemented perfectly by the gorgeously designed exterior. The unique sculpture, designs, charming figures and scenes are carved out of the rock.

Hidimbeshwar Temple at Chitradurga is situated on a hill, this temple provides an impression of peace and devotion. The serene atmosphere around creates a special liking for this particular temple. The Hidimbeshwar Temple in Chitradurga in Badami in Karnataka in India offers a grand view of a hilly landscape and panoramic views of the city. The rocks and boulders lend an old-fashioned yet splendid charm and elegance to the temple. On the whole, the fine artistry, structural classiness, striking setting and a quiet environment certainly appeals to the aesthetic senses.


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