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How to Reach Pench National Park

The Pench National park and Tiger Reserve is one of the most easily reachable wildlife parks in India. Located on the southern borders of Madhya Pradesh and near the boundaries of Maharashtra, Pench National Park is visited by a large number of tourists and wildlife enthusiasts throughout the year.

The nearest airport and railway station from Pench is located in Nagpur, which is easily accessible from all over the country. Here is detailed information about how to reach Pench National Park by different modes of transport such as air, road, and rail.

Pench National Park By Air

Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar International Airport in Nagpur is the nearest airport from Pench, which is located 103 km away. There are regular direct and connecting flights to Nagpur from major cities in India.

From the airport, you can board a bus or hire a private taxi to reach the national park. Apart from this, Jabalpur Airport is another nearest airport from where you can easily reach Pench.

Travel by Flight

Travel Time

Aerial Distance

Boarding Airport

Delhi to Nagpur

1 hours 40 minutes

852 km

Indira Gandhi International Airport

Jammu to Nagpur

4 hours 35 minutes

1349 km

Jammu Airport

Amritsar to Nagpur

5 hours 30 minutes

1236 km

Sri Guru Ram Das Ji International Airport

Mumbai to Nagpur

1 hours 45 minutes

691 km

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport

Raipur to Nagpur

4 hours 30 minutes

259 km

Shaheed-e-Azam Bhagat Singh Airport

Pune to Nagpur

1 hours 25 minutes

625 km

Pune International Airport

Ahmedabad to Nagpur

2 hours 05 minutes

706 km

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport

Bengaluru to Nagpur

1 hours 40 minutes

925 km

Kempegowda International Airport

Kolkata to Nagpur

1 hours 55 minutes

964 km

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport

Chennai to Nagpur

1 hours 45 minutes

910 km

Chennai International Airport

Pench National Park By Rail

The nearest railhead from Pench is Seoni Railway Station, which is about 30 km away. It has very limited regular trains running in and out of this railway station from the major cities and towns of the country.

Jabalpur railway station serves as the other major nearest railhead from Pench, which is easily accessible from various cities including Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Pune, Chennai, and other places. You can travel to Pench from these stations by bus and taxi without hassle.

Travel by Train

Nearest Station

Travel Time


Train Name

Delhi to Jabalpur

Jabalpur Junction

13 hours 40 minutes

809 KM

MPS Kranti Express

Bhopal to Jabalpur

Jabalpur Junction

5 hours 15 minutes

320 KM

Amarkantak Express

Indore to Jabalpur

Jabalpur Junction

10 hours 10 minutes

514 KM

Indore JN BG Express

Nagpur to Jabalpur

Jabalpur Junction

7 hours 50 minutes

275 KM

YPR LKO Express

Mumbai to Jabalpur

Jabalpur Junction

12 hours 35 minutes

1096 km

Chhapra Express

Jaipur to Jabalpur

Jabalpur Junction

15 hours 10 minutes

818 km

Dayodai Express

Patna to Jabalpur

Jabalpur Junction

11 hours 10 minutes

700 km

DNR Pune Express

Kanpur to Jabalpur

Jabalpur Junction

10 hours 05 minutes

451 km

Chitrakoot Express

Hyderabad to Jabalpur

Jabalpur Junction

17 hours 20 minutes

780 km

SC DNR SF Express

Bengaluru to Jabalpur

Jabalpur Junction

32 hours 10 minutes

1371 km

MYS BSB Express

Pench National Park By Road

Buses and jeeps are easily available for Pench National Park from the Seoni bus stand, which is the major bus station. Seoni is linked to all places in Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra by a good network of Roadways. Pench National Park situated on the Nagpur- Jabalpur highway is accessible by local transport options such as taxis. If you plan to take the bus from Nagpur, you will have to get down at Suktara or Khwasa.

Location Distance



Delhi to Pench distance

1034 KM

18 hours 40 min

NH 44 

Nagpur to Pench distance

78 KM

1 hour 50 min

NH 44 

Indore to Pench distance

457 KM

10 hours 30 min

NH 47 

Ahmedabad to Pench distance

846 KM

17 hours 20 min

NH 47 

Patna to Pench distance

954 KM

18 hours 40 min

NH 30 & NH 44

Hyderabad to Pench distance

582 KM

11 hours 10 min

NH 44

Raipur to Pench distance

311 KM

6 hours 40 min

NH 44 & NH 53

Mumbai to Pench distance

892 KM

17 hours 50 min

NH 160 & NH 53

Pune to Pench distance

788 km

16 hours 10 minutes

NH 161E & NH 53

Getting Around in Pench National Park

There are numerous ways to explore Pench National Park including different types of safari such as jeep safari and night safari. Village walks and cycling are also other options to enjoy the Pench trip. Here is the detailed information about getting in and around Pench National Park.

Night Safari in Pench National Park

Night Safari in Pench is popularly known as Wolf Safari as wolves are the most frequently spotted animals on this tour. This tour starts at 6 PM and lasts till 9 PM in the buffer zone of the national park. Sambar Deer, SpottedDeer, Jackals, and nocturnal birds can also be spotted. This tour also comprises a visit to the water hole where animals can be spotted and tourists can enjoy stargazing as well.

Jeep Safari in Pench National Park

Also known as Jungle Safari, Jeep Safari in Pench is the best way to explore the national park and to spot the exotic wildlife species in their natural habitat. You can enjoy the wildlife spotting in the open jeep, which takes place two times a day. The morning safari starts at sunrise and ends at 11 AM. However, the evening safari starts in the afternoon till 6 PM.

Cycling in Pench National Park

You can take a leisurely walk in the national park or choose to explore the park while cycling. This tour varies from 1 hour to 3 hours and can be undertaken by any healthy person who knows how to ride a bicycle. You can explore the riverside, lake, pottery village, and countryside during the cycle tour in Pench.

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