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Casino Carnival, Goa

Casino Carnival is a land-based casino that is worth a visit on your next Goa trip. It is owned by the Marriott chain, and thus, the satisfaction of the players is guaranteed. Casino Carnival is a land-based casino located inside the Goa Marriott Resort and Spa, close to the banks of Mandovi River. The promoters of Goan Carnival, in association with Leisure Pvt Ltd, endeavor to compose the essence of top-notch entertainment in the sunshine state of Goa.

The property in which Casino Carnival is located is itself an upscale accommodation. According to the locals and tourists alike, Casino Carnival is one of Goa's friendliest and most family-oriented casinos. Inside the Casino Carnival, distinct types of slot machines and various table games could be played, from American Roulette to Baccarat and Blackjack, Slots and Progressive Jackpots, and 5 Card Poker Machine.

Touted to be the most engrossed casinos in and around Panjim, Casino Carnival please guests with scintillating performances by local artists along with international performers. Inside the Goa Marriott Resort and Spa, one can find amazing slot machines to enjoy Indian and international games. Plus, there is a dedicated kids zone where our little tourists can keep themselves busy with a huge collection of games.

An undisturbed gaming night awaits you at Casino Carnival. The best thing about this land-based casino owned by Marriott Chain is it remains open 24*7. Apart from a top-notch casino gambling experience, the ambiance of the Casino Carnival is cozy and lively for the night scenes.

Let's get started with the important things to know about Casino Carnival

How Far is the Casino Carnival from Panjim and the Goa Airport?

From Panjim: Casino Carnival is located inside Marriott Resort and Spa, and it is around 4 kilometers (approx.) from the capital town, Panjim. The average travel duration between Panjim and Marriott Resort and Spa is 10 minutes (approx.) from the auto-rickshaw, private taxi. While one can reach via walking also! It depends upon the endurance of the person, or the comfort guests are looking for.

From Goa International Airport: Dabolim International Airport is the only airport in Goa that is well connected with most Indian towns and a few international destinations. The average distance and travel time to reach Marriott Resort and Spa from Dabolim Airport is 33 kilometre/1 per hour (approx.).

When is The Best Time to Visit Casino Carnival Goa?

The Marriott Resort and Spa remains open all year round, and thus, all 365 days in a year is an ideal time to visit Casino Carnival Goa. However, if you want to enjoy the casino experience amidst the elite crowd like foreigners and like-minded Indians, the best time to visit Casino Carnival Goa is November to February. It is the peak tourist season in Goa. You must know that Casino Carnival Goa is located in the Marriott Resort and Spa, and therefore, be it monsoon or summer or spring or winter, every time is ideal for indulging in casino gaming experience at Casino Carnival Goa.

What Are the Opening Time of Casino Carnival?

The opening hours of the Casino Carnival Goa are very amazing! This casino inside the Marriott Resort and Spa remains open 24*7 on all days.

What Are the Gaming Options At Casino Carnival?

There are a lot of casino games you can indulge in at Casino Carnival. We are listing the best gaming options at Casino Carnival Goa which we have personally experienced. The casino games below mentioned are a great source of joy, entertainment, and money (if you indulge in a fine gaming experience). Take a look at a handful of gaming options at Casino Carnival Goa in Marriott Resort and Spa:

American Roulette: This fame is all about dealing with spinning the ball on the round board. The spinning wheel featured red and black slots with numbers from 1 to 36 and one green slot with 0 as the number. The winning number is revealed once the dealer spins the wheel. The participant has to guess the slot color they would want to bet on. American Roulette is a legit casino game not only in Goa but across famous casino sites.

Blackjack: Among the most widely played casino banking games globally, Blackjack remains on the top. The deck of 52 cards is taken into consideration in order to play the game. Gaming freaks would be surprised to know that Blackjack is an American descendant that belongs to the global family of the banking games known as Twenty One.

Baccarat: Baccarat game is all about betting on either player or banker by the participant. The person who is the participant bets on the player before cards are dealt. When both the sides attend a point table nearby close to 9, the winner is finally decided. It is obvious that the participant who will get higher points would obviously be declared as the winner.

What's the Entry Fee for Casino Carnival Goa?

Casino Carnival Goa asks for justifiable fees. The entry fee for Casino Carnival Goa starts at 1,000 INR (approx.) per person. As a guest, you can make entry and exit as much as you want inside the 24 hours time slot after the time you make the entry. Upon paying 1,000 INR (approx.), guests can enjoy uncountable gaming moments along with free 500 INR chips coupled with unlimited drinks and snacks. What could you ask for more?

What Are the Amenities At Casino Carnival?

Casino Carnival Goa itself is part of the opulent or luxurious Marriott Resort and Spa amenities. The property within which Casino Carnival Goa is situated is 5 star, and thus, guests can choose from a wide range of accommodation options. In addition, one can stay overnight in the Marriott Resort and Spa and enjoy several onboard activities along with a fine dining experience.

Important Tips to Know About Visiting Casino Carnival Goa

  • Decent formals clothes for a man
  • No flip flops or any hipster stuffs like cowboy cap and call
  • Making chaos inside the Casino Carnival Goa is strictly prohibited
  • Avoid making contacts with unknown ladies if you feel they are inviting you for any reasons
  • Women should also wear appropriate clothes without offending the dress code
  • Know about the casino games in advance regarding how to play