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Trekking in Munnar

Munnar in the Idukki district of Kerala is snuggled in the midst of the beautiful mountains of Western Ghats. Trekking in Munnar is a pleasure that you can enjoy in the scenic environment. There are many picturesque treks in Munnar, which have a perfect setting for an adventurous expedition. If you are a fan of adventure and want to fulfill your desire to trek across the dense plantation, Munnar is the right choice for you. The beauty of landscapes and idyllic environment make your adventure more pleasing.

Munnar has abundant hills, mountains, and trekking trails. The most scenic trails include the Anamudi peak in the Eravikulam National Park, Mattupetty hills, Gap Road to Bison Valley Spices Village, and from Pothamedu. We have listed down some of the best treks in Munnar to get a perfect blend of natural beauty and adventure.

List of best trekking trails in Munnar to get a dose of thrill

Chummar Trek

Chummar Trek is counted as one of the most famous treks in Munnar. The captivating beauty of this trek lies in its stunning tea plantation and greenery prevailing around. And the best part about choosing this trek is that you can stroll along Shola Forest, beautiful valley, and grassland meadows. While trekking, you can admire the carpeted tea gardens and enjoy the refreshing vibes. Unquestionably, this trek has thrilling and enthralling beauty elements.

Level of Trek: Easy

Chokramudi Trek

This trek in Munnar is a mix of easy and challenging, and the natural beauty around it is matchless. This entire trek is segmented into four different action-packed parts. The initial stage of Chokramudi Trek is easy and offers the best view of grasslands. However, at the journey's end, you will have to face difficult rocky terrains. Hence, you need the expertise to enjoy this trek of Munnar.

Level of Trek: Easy till Level 1 and then difficult

Chithirapuram Trekking

Chithirapuram Trek in Munnar is one of the most beautiful trekking trails.

This trek is far and wide popular among trekking enthusiasts and thrill lovers. Choosing this trek allows you to witness flora filled with different plant species like pepper, betel nut, guava, and vanilla. Give your eyes a soothing treat and your mind refreshing vibes with the scenic view. This trek allows you to walk along the Chithirapuram bridge and the Ramaswamy Dam waterfalls.

Level of Trek: Moderate

Lakshmi Hill Trek

Enrich your trekking experience with the mesmerizing beauty of the atmosphere by opting for Lakshmi Hill Trek. If you wish to explore the vivid natural environment, this trek in Munnar is the best selection. You will have to walk through the grassland and the rocky terrain of the mountain range during your trekking. But, apart from it, you will get the best attraction of this trek, Anamudi Peak. This peak is the highest in the South India region.

Level of Trek: Moderate

Kannan Devan Hills Trek

This trek of Munnar is famous among thrill seekers and adventure lovers. It is a 5-hour challenging trekking trail that offers rocky mountain ranges. You will have to reach up to an altitude of 1950 meters above sea level to complete your trek. However, the route of this trek is dotted with natural beauty. It is advised to accompany a travel guide on this trekking to ensure safe and correct routes. During this trekking journey, you will witness a wide variety of bird and animal species. Apart from that, you will behold the best view of spice plantations.

Level of Trek: High

Best Time for Trekking in Munnar

Munnar is one of those destinations in Kerala with moderate weather throughout the year. However, the best time for trekking in Munnar is between September and March. After the monsoon and before the summer, the weather condition is perfectly amazing for enjoying this dreamy adventure. During the monsoon season, the road becomes slippery and dangerous. Therefore, it is better to avoid trekking during monsoon season.

Tips for trekking in Munnar

Trekking is one of the best things to enjoy during the Munnar trip. The lush greenery, spice plantations, natural charm, and blissful environment are magical factors for this Munnar experience. However, there are some tips that you must follow while enjoying trekking in Munnar.

Check out the below list of tips for trekking in Munnar.

  • It is necessary to wear comfortable shoes and clothes while trekking in Munnar. 
  • Carry essential items in your backpack as you will have to carry your bag for a long duration. 
  • Keep sufficient light foods and water for your trekking.
  • Do not forget to carry salts as you may encounter with leeches while trekking through the forest.
  • Carry your camera to capture the best view and power bank as you don't want to lose your mobile battery. 
  • A small medical kit is an essential thing to carry for trekking.

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