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Dharmadam Island Tourism | How to Plan a Trip to Dharmadam Island

  • Dharmadam Island in Kerala
Dharmadam Island At a Glance
  • Average Climate:16°C - 25°C
  • Best Time to Visit:November - February
  • STD Code:0490

Dharmadam Island Travel Guide

Dharmadam Island, only 100 meters from the pristine shores of Dharmadam Beach, has become a popular destination for travelers looking for a quiet place to picnic. The sea encircles this abandoned island on one side and three rivers from the mainland. It is covered in a canopy of coconut palms and dense shrubs. Only at low tide is it accessible, and walks around the area offer stunning views of the Anjarakandy and Thalassery rivers joining. Dharmadam Island is one of the main tourist attractions, attracting thousands of tourists annually. The long, stretched sea coast and the golden beaches with blue water and green palm vegetation will surely make a perfect holiday destination. The town is 17 kms away from Kannur, Kerala.

Why visit Dharmadam Island?

This uninhabited island looks out over the Thalassery and Anjarakandy rivers and is covered in dense coconut palms. When the water is relatively low, you can even walk to the island during low tide. Rivers border this location on three sides, and the Arabian Sea borders it on the west. This location is similar to a stunning spot where the four glasses of water converge.

How to reach Dharmadam Island

Just 100 meters separate the Dharmadam Main Land, the beach's access point, from the Dharmadam Beach, which graces the island's outline. You can walk there, making it one of the most exclusive and beautiful places to visit. When the tide is low, you can walk through knee-deep seawater from the Dharmadam Main Island to the beach by wading into the Arabian Sea. This is an experience you won't soon forget. Traveling to Dharmadam beach by boat from the Moidu bridge is a different option.

Best Time to Visit Dharmadam Island

A small private island called Dharmadam Island is situated 100 meters from Thalassery's Dharmadam Beach. It is heavily covered in orchids and coconut palms. October through May are the ideal times to visit the island. However, you must go throughout the day.

Places To Visit Dharmadam Island

The main attractive features are the extended, stretched beaches and the virtuous sea. Nature in her form invites visitors to come and enjoy her splendid beauty. You can avail yourself of the hotels and resorts and enjoy nature on the seaside. The relaxing atmosphere is perfect for rejuvenating your senses. There are many places to visit in Dharmadam, but some of them are

  • Dharmadam Beach Park
  • St Angelo Fort
  • Palakkayam Thattu Hill
  • Parassinikkadavu Snake Park
  • Arakkal Museum

Things to do Dharmadam Island

You can relax on the golden beach and gaze into the dazzling blue sea while it eases all of your body's tensions. To escape the heat and refresh yourself in the Arabian Sea's crystal-clear waters. You can go a little deeper because the water is relatively shallow near the end of the shore. However, exercising caution when near water is always advisable, so research the tides beforehand online or with locals. Gather seashells that wash up on the beach and use them to create a colorful garland to hang along the shore.

How many days required

1-2 days are sufficient to explore the island.

Accommodation in Dharmadam Island

There are plenty of options to enjoy a peaceful stay on Dharmadam Island. From luxurious resorts to budget-friendly stays, there is no shortage of accommodation in Dharmadam Island. Some popular resorts among travelers staying in Dharmadam Island are Kanbay Beach Resort, Mrudangashylam INN, Saj Rest' Inn, and many more.

Where to eat

The restaurants in Wayanad serve an array of local delicacies. You can easily find several excellent eateries around this beautiful town. To relish a variety of cuisines, you can also visit the popular hotels' in-house dining outlets.

Shopping in Dharmadam Island

Shopping at a new place is fun because the moments before the purchase boost morale: looking at new products, trying them on, and dreaming of buying them help a person collect memories. There are no particular things on the island, but you can try local street shops selling local items like sea shells, flowers, and other souvenirs.

Dharmadam Island Tips

  • It is the perfect location for photography.
  • A trip to the island is not recommended during the monsoon.
  • It makes an excellent place for a picnic as well.
  • Being a private island, entry is only permitted with prior authorization.