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Hill Stations in Kerala

God's Own Country, the Spice Coast of India, and the Land of the Coconuts are just a few nicknames Kerala goes by, and it lives up to them all! Kerala is a nature lover's and adventurer's paradise, encircled by the Western Ghats and blessed with numerous scenic views and attractions. The numerous breathtaking attractions in this area, ranging from tea, coffee, and spice farms to lakes, waterfalls, and wildlife sanctuaries, will quickly entice you and take your cares away.

The best time to explore Kerala hill stations is throughout the year, but since Kerala has two monsoons (Southwest and Northeast), equipping yourself with the proper climate knowledge about the hill stations of Kerala will reward you with folds of fun.

Summer hits Kerala in March till April, but the lush green environs keep the climate salubrious for a day of sightseeing. The Southwest monsoon knocks down Kerala from June to September, while the winter monsoon starts from October to November. Both the monsoon and the greenery show tourists the different shades of green. Exploring the Kerala hill stations in winter from November to February is the best experience of summer and monsoon in one season.

Check out the best hill stations in Kerala for families, friends, couples, or another type of traveler:


Perched at an elevation of 900 m to 1,800 m above sea level is another famous hill station in Kerala named Thekkady, which is renowned for its Periyar National Park. The Savanna grasslands, dense evergreen forests, and the nearby proximity to the less expired tea plantation town, Kumily, highlight Thekkady's tourism.

  • Things to Do in Thekkady, Wildlife safari at Periyar National Park. go for jungle night patrolling
  • Best Time to Visit Thekkady: Throughout the year


Located in Palakkad district on the foothills of the Western Ghats is Malampuzha hill station. Explore this less-explored hill station of Kerala and explore the lowlands and highlands regions laden with lush greenery. Also, attend the famous Chariot Festival at Viswanatha Temple. You can explore the lush greenery on the trekking trail.

  • Things to Do in Malampuzha: Enjoy boating on the dam, and explore the lush green parks.
  • Best Time to Visit Thekkady: October to February, March to April


This hill station in Wayanad district is at 700 m. The area above sea level is famous for spice plantations and tribal communities. From hiking to boating, trekking, and viewpoints, you won't have a dull moment in Vythiri.

  • Things to Do in Vythiri: Explore Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary, Drive on the famous mountain pass - Thamarassery Churam
  • Best Time to Visit Vythiri: Throughout the year


Another hill station in Kerala is in the heart of the Wayanad district and is one of the highest mountain towns in Wayanad. Here, dense green vegetation flourishes, and you can trek through picturesque waterfalls and spice plantations. Located at an elevation of 700 m (approx.) above sea level, Lakkidi is where the Malabar pepper, coffee, and tea are still produced.

  • Things to Do in Lakkidi: Visit the famous Chain Tree, enjoy boating in Pookot Lake
  • Best Time to Visit Lakkidi: October to February, March to April


The staggering 1,100 m (approx.) the elevation of Ponmudi makes it one of the best all-around hill stations in Kerala for trekking and mountain biking. Ponmudi is one of the nearest hill stations to Thiruvananthapuram. The highlight of Ponmudi tourism is its Ayurvedic resorts flanked across the hills, where you can unlock rejuvenation with the sweeping views of the lush greenery as your backdrop.

  • Things to Do in Ponmudi: Visit the famous Chain Tree, enjoy boating in Pookot Lake
  • Best Time to Visit Ponmudi: October to February, March to April


The highlights of Munnar tourism are the medicinal plants and herbs, the unending expanse of tea plantations, enchanting waterfalls, and accommodation in the middle of tea gardens. The best hill station in Kerala in the Idukki district, Munnar is at an elevation of 1,532 m, with soothing weather. The sea level and the Lonely Planet rated Munnar as one of the best honeymoon destinations in Asia in 2017. Every year, Munnar gets crowned by different magazines for its lush greenery.

  • Things to Do in Munnar: Hike to the Top Station, try paragliding to kiss the cobalt skies
  • Best Time to Visit Munnar: Throughout the year


The overall mysticism of Vagamon at an elevation of 1,200 m above sea level invokes a sense of curiosity in the travelers who want to capture the velvet lanes, lush paddy fields, and grassy hills in their camera frame. Vagamon is the paragliding capital of Kerala and is one of the best hill stations in the Idukki district. Therefore, expect the same amount of amazement in Vagamon as in any other Kerala hill station.

  • Things to Do in Vagamon: Fly like a bird on paragliding activity, stroll the Vagamon meadows
  • Best Time to Visit Vagamon: Throughout the year


How about a holiday retreat where the royals of Travancore used to holiday with their royal guests and families? This lesser-known hill station in Kerala is close to Thekkady and Munnar and is also considered the gateway to Periyar National Park.

  • Things to Do in Peermade: Trek to the waterfalls, explore the vantage points
  • Best Time to Visit Peermade: Throughout the year


The green-capped mountains, meadows, and valleys at 700 m to 2,100 m look stunning, so explore Wayanad on your Kerala tour. Wayanad is also called the Land of the Paddy Fields, where handloom and handicraft products are both famous. Waterfalls, spice plantations, and camping sites make Wayanad one of the top hill stations in Kerala, flanked by the beauty of the Western Ghats.

  • Things to Do in Wayanad: Visit the Edakkal Caves, Go for boating at Banasura Sagar Dam
  • Best Time to Visit Wayanad: Throughout the year

Silent Valley

One of the prettiest hill stations in India, the Silent Valley is a must-visit while planning a trip to Kerala. The Silent Valley is also one of India's most important national parks and wildlife sanctuaries. Its natural beauty is the perfect background for the comfort of several rare species of flora and fauna. Much of the natural charm of the Silent Valley is still well preserved today. The scenic landscape of the valley is also home to several aboriginal tribes, mainly led by the Kurumbar Tribes. They make the tour to the Silent Valley even more special with their rustic charm.

  • Things to Do in Silent Valley: Witness flora and fauna, explore Palakkad Fort
  • Best Time to Visit Silent Valley: October to February, March to April

Pakshipathalam Hill Station

All about meadows and wildlife, Pakshipathalam is the hill station of Kerala in the blanket of the Western Ghats in the Wayanad district. At an elevation of 1,700 m above sea level, Pakshipathalam is a trekkers' heaven in Wayanad. Located around 7 km from the northeastern portion of Thirunelli, Pakshipathalam can only be reached by trekking. The lush, green deciduous forests of Pakshipathalam were once the meditating area for ancient India's countless rishis, or saints.

  • Things to Do in Pakshipathalam Hill Station: Capture the meadows, and go for trekking
  • Best Time to Visit Pakshipathalam Hill Station: October to February, March to April

Nelliyampathy Hill Station

Known for its rich plantations of spices and coffee and its rich evergreen forests, Nelliyampathy is a heady mix that is sure to please all the tourists to this beautiful land. As waterfalls cascade through the majestic slopes of the Sahya Ranges and mesmerize you while you travel amidst the rustling leaves scattered throughout this beautiful land, be ready to be swept off your feet by the magical charm of Nelliyampathy, perhaps the loveliest of the un-spoilt hill stations of Kerala.

  • Things to Do in Nelliyampathy Hill Station: Go for trekking, and capture the lush greenery
  • Best Time to Visit Pakshipathalam Hill Station: October to February, March to April


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FAQs about Hill Stations in Kerala

Q: How many hill stations are in Kerala?

Ans. Kerala has more than 50 beautiful hill stations, but the most famous ones include Munnar, Wayanad, Vagamon, and Thekkady.

Q: Which is the most beautiful hill station in Kerala?

Ans. Munnar is the most beautiful hill station in Kerala. Misty skies, rolling green hills, and pleasant weather make Munnar a must-visit.

Q: What are the top hill stations to visit with family in Kerala?

Ans. Check out these top Kerala hill places to visit with family -

  • Munnar
  • Ponmudi
  • Idukki
  • Silent Valley
  • Wayanad
  • Vagamon
  • Thekkady
Q: Which are the best hill stations in Kerala for honeymoon?

Ans. Some of the most romantic hill stations in Kerala for couples are -

  • Munnar
  • Alleppey
  • Wayanad
  • Kumarakom
  • Vagamon
  • Silent Valley
  • Ponmudi
Q: Which is the offbeat hill station in Kerala?

Ans. Malakkappara is an offbeat hill station in Kerala, encircled by rolling green hills. The weather is pleasant, and if you wish to spend time away from heavy crowds, visit Malakkappara.