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Archeological Museum Thrissur

Archeological Museum in Thrissur is situated near the Zoological Garden of Thissur. This is located 2 kms away from Thissur town in the central part of Kerala. Thissur is a famous place that will make the tourist to enjoy the past of Kerala.

Kerala is well-known as the "God's Own country" for its picturesque nature and the rich historical past. The archeological museum is the best place to witness the past of the Kerala. The museum is accommodated in the Thrissur Town Hall building of Kerala.

The building is divided into various sections where different items are displayed for the visitors. There are art galleries that have paintings of different ages, sculptures, statues, manuscripts, weapons of old times and statues of mythological figures.

The earthen pots and urns and the collection of various items used in the historic ages. These collections give an idea about the glorious past of Kerala and the nearby areas.

The lifestyle and the then society can be well evident from the items displayed. The most important part is that detailed information that the Archeological Museum provides make the by gone days more prominent in the contemporary time.

The Archeological Museum remains open all the days except Mondays and other national holidays. The nearest railway station is Thissur and Cochin international Airport is located about 58 km to the south.