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Angling In Goa

Goa is situated in the western coast line of India, five hundred kilometers south of Mumbai. This sea facing paradise attracts thousands of tourists to explore her every year. Goa is every humans dream destination where nature shows her fullest beauty.

Goa is home to several attractions. While the beaches of Goa are great for relaxation and enjoying water sports, the forts of Goa allow incredible opportunity for sightseeing and exploration. Apart from various forms of recreation, fishing is one of the best things to do in Goa. So, Angling in Goa adds a new feather to the hats of people who enjoy fishing. The deep sea and a good number of water bodies provide the opportunities for fishing. Not only domestic tourists but even the international tourists are enthralled.

The long sea-coasts allow tourists to enjoy various water sports in the deep blue sea and view its inhabitants. The sea water gives the opportunity to capture the great varieties of sea fish like-catfish, swordfish, sardine shrimps and prawns. If you are lucky then the size of your catch will definitely make your day successful.

If you think that Goa is only about sea and sea fish then you are mistaken. The tidal rivers are also enriched with various kinds of fish and catfish one of the common names. The best timing for fishing in the tidal waves is before the top of high tide. Ample amount of fish leaves no grievances in the minds of fishing enthusiasts. With every step, there is a surprise that Goa offers to her tourists while angling in Goa.

Those who are not comfortable with the basics of fishing can become an expert with the help of the locals who offers the helping hands. The local private agencies also give the opportunity to hire fishing boat and the necessary equipment. This helps Angling in Goa more enjoyable.