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Wake Boarding Goa

Goa has attracted tourists for the incredible holiday experience it offers. From the forts in Goa which offer great sightseeing opportunities to the beaches of Goa which host the most exciting parties in town, there is so much to fall in love in this beautiful state.

Goa is an ideal beach destination which boasts a wide range of water sports. There are diverse Water Sports in Goa which you can undertake in order to quench your adventurous thirst. You can enjoy sailing, dinghy sailing, water surfing, fishing etc. However, the one sport that will catch your fancy is Wake Boarding in Goa. In fact, Wake Boarding is one of the budding Water Sports in Goa. The rider in this sport rides a single board and is towed behind the boat. Wake Boarding is quite easy as you need to focus less on the balance. Unlike knee boarding which has two narrow boards, wake boarding boasts of a single board.

Goa Wake Boarding is the best substitute for waterskiing. It needs less speed as compared to waterskiing. However, more air needs to be involved in Wake Boarding. You should possess more than good cross over skills to enjoy Wake Boarding to the fullest. One of the much sought after Goa Water Sports, Wake Boarding requires heavy boats. The boat having a big wake is the most preferred one.

Goa has some beaches ideal for Wake Boarding. Beaches like Candolim, Rajbaga and Mobor appear to be the frontrunners for this sport. However, Wake Boarding comes with a steep price tag. It would cost you around 1000 for a short ride of 15 minutes. Nevertheless, the experience is worth giving a try. So, rush to book yourself for a tour to Goa in order to enjoy the fabulous Water Sports of Goa