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Silver Jewellery Rajasthan

Surrounded by the ochre sands of the flaming Thar Desert, Rajasthan promises to thrill the tourists to her land. Offering a brilliant contrast to the otherwise colorless desert sands of Rajasthan is its rich heritage and Culture, which finds reflection in the Crafts of Rajasthan. Among these exotic handicrafts is the Silver Jewelry of Rajasthan, a must-have if you plan a tour of Rajasthan. This jewelry is one of the famous artworks in this state that allures shopaholics worldwide. You will learn more about this jewelry by giving the below information. 

Features of Silver Jewelry in Rajasthan

The creation of silver jewelry in Rajasthan is one of the most exotic forms of demonstrating the arts and crafts of Rajasthan. in most cases, the silver used in the various districts of the metal-rich province is of the highest quality. This trait draws clients to the province from all corners of the world. Moreover, the carving done on these jewelry items is also excellent, with minute workings that promise to flatter the wearer like never before. You can choose from several kinds of Silver Jewelry in Rajasthan since these are made in accordance with the preferences of the buyer. In addition, some facilities also allow you to design your piece of jewelry after choosing the pattern you want. 

Types of Silver Jewelry in Rajasthan 

Silver Jewelry in Rajasthan varies according to the province where you buy it. There are some jewelry varieties, including rakhri, Himalayan, Bala, bajuband, gajra, gokhru, and jod, which can be worn on specified portions of the human anatomy. In addition, there are several varieties of jewelry that are targeted at male customers as well including chokhers as well as elaborate earrings. 

A trip to Rajasthan remains one of the most enigmatic experiences a tourist can hope for. However, you can make your vacation remarkable by customizing it per your traveling preferences. We at Indian Holiday offer great deals on Rajasthan holiday packages you choose and make every moment memorable on your tour.