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Adventure Sports in Sikkim

The smallest Indian state, Sikkim is one of the perfect destinations for vacationers searching for peace, delight, or adventure. Lying in the lap of the mighty Himalayas, Sikkim has been blessed with an amazing landscape, ideal for all kinds of adventures. Adventure activities in Sikkim to be enjoyed, are many.

You can hike up to the lush mountain trails, feel the high adrenaline rush while fighting fierce river rapid, or can enjoy mountain biking on the paths created by former adventure junkies. There is so much to do in this landlocked state of India, when it comes to partaking in some thrilling fun. Adventure is surely guaranteed on your tour to Sikkim. This place is an antidote of the chaotic city life, full of tension and stress.

One of the best destinations in North East India, Sikkim owns some of the best trekking trails in the country, offering stunning natural vistas and exotic wildlife spotting. Along with trekking, Kayaking, Canoeing, Mountain biking, Hang gliding, River rafting and Mountaineering are some of the popular adventure activities in Sikkim.

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