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Paragliding in Sikkim

If you have enthusiasm and adventure on your mind, paragliding in Sikkim can be an exceptional opportunity. Paragliding is becoming one of the more popular adventurous Sikkim sports. The adrenaline rush to soar the skies is a thrilling adventure that provides you with a memorable experience. 

During paragliding, a paraglider has a cushioned seat attached to a wing-type cloth. It is woven around the helping frame in such a way that the space between the two layers of fabrics is inflated naturally. The support comes with brakes and acceleration control levers to allow easy steering of the flight. Once the paraglider is launched into the air, they can experience the excitement of flying.

You can also enjoy the rush that paragliding in Sikkim offers. In addition, enjoy views of the magnificent Himalayan range in its snow-covered glory as you fly like a bird. Gangtok, the capital city, offers this thrilling adventure sport. There are numerous tour operators offering deals for this famous sports of Sikkim. Also, the state has some excellent launching ridges and sites where you can create memories of the best paragliding experiences in the country.

No experience or training is required to enjoy paragliding in Sikkim. Paragliding operators in Sikkim offer Tandem Flights. It means that an experienced and certified pilot will accompany you during this activity. Both pilot and the passenger sit safely and comfortably in a harness that is attached to the paraglider. The pilot navigates the flight. So after an easy take-off, you are left to enjoy the flight and the breathtaking views. However, paragliding needs you to be physically fit and within normal weight limits (90 kg). While the pilot does the job of navigation, you will need to participate in taking off and landing.

Take a look at the things you must know before paragliding in Sikkim -

Type of Paragliding

There are two types of paragliding flights available for adventure enthusiasts in Sikkim. Both are offered with Tandem Flights and are accompanied by a certified pilot. Here are the two types of paragliding in Sikkim - 

1. The Medium Fly:

The first type of Paragliding flight is known as Medium Fly. As the name suggests, you will fly at a medium altitude of about 1300- 1400 meters. The flying time is 5-10 minutes.

2. The High Fly:

The second type of paragliding flight is called the High Fly. In this type of paragliding, you will fly at a higher altitude. The take-off location altitude will be about 2,200 meters. The total flying time in the high fly is 20-30 minutes.

Reasons to Enjoy Paragliding in Sikkim

  • Flying high in the air and enjoying the aerial views of the Himalayas and soaring high.
  • Encounter the beautiful city views of Gangtok.
  • Feel the freshness of the air.
  • Overcome your fear.
  • Experience the best adventure sport ever.

Tips for paragliding: Paraglide In Sikkim

  • Be sure that you are physically fit before paragliding.
  • Measure your body weight not exceeding more than 90 kg.
  • An empty stomach is good before paragliding.
  • Wear a good quality helmet and gloves.
  • Wear comfortable shoes and tight-fitting sports outfits.
  • Properly check the equipment such as the parachute and the harness.
  • Make sure that the harness is correctly adjusted.
  • Carefully listen to the expert’s instructions.
  • Always maintain a good relationship with experienced paragliders.
  • Make sure to keep enough elevation while landing.
  • Fair climate plays an essential role to perform this activity.

Frequently Asked Questions for Paragliding in Sikkim

Q: Which place is famous for paragliding in Sikkim?

Ans. Tashi View Point, Pangthang, and Bojoghari village are the three famous places to enjoy paragliding in Sikkim.

Q: What is the cost of paragliding in Sikkim?

Ans. Here is the cost of this famous Sikkim sport - 

  • Medium Fly Paragliding in Sikkim cost INR 2,500 (5 - 10 min)
  • High Fly Paragliding in Sikkim cost INR 5,000 (15 - 20 min)