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Tashigang Gompa in Spiti

Tashigang Gompa in the Lahaul and Spiti Valley stands at the Sutlej and Spiti Rivers intersection. This famous monastery in the valley draws a large crowd of tourists every year. The best way to get to Tashigang Monastery is through the Kinnaur district. For adventure lovers, there is a trekking route through Namgaya. There is no doubt that Tashigang Gompa in Spiti has a unique charm that attracts numerous visitors. Whether you are looking for a feeling of peace or want some thrill, this attraction got every way to give you a pleasant experience. Read on for more details on Tashigang Monastery in Himachal Pradesh.

Tashigang Gompa - Main Attractions

The Tashingang Gompa enjoys a great location. It is a sacred site for Buddhists and a base for trekkers from Namgaya. It is also not far from Nako Monastery in the Lahaul and Spiti Valley. Therefore, there are plenty of opportunities for excursions from here. The most noteworthy feature of this monastery is its two distinct structures called the old gompa and the new gompa. The new gompa has appealing interiors that fascinate visitors. The prime attraction at the old gompa is the idol of the Shakyamuni Buddha. Also, check out the Tibetan drum, exquisite frescoes, paintings, images, books, Buddhist statues, and idols. You will come across a small collection of Buddhist religious texts as well.

Pilgrims offer their prayers at either of the gompas.

How to reach Tashigang Gompa

You can reach Tashigang Gompa from Namgaya or Shimla through National Highway 22. You can also opt for the trekking route from Namgaya to Tashigang. The monastery is within walking distance from Nako village in the Spiti Valley. The nearest airport and railway station is Shimla.

Places around Tashigang Gompa

Situated 3662 meters above sea level, Nako village is located in the Hangrang Valley. The Nako Monastery here is worth exploring. The Tabo Monastery is another place worth visiting. It is around 64 km from Nako village.

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