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Shikari Devi Temple Himachal Pradesh

The state of Himachal Pradesh is full of lofty ranges and remote valleys, and various different types of architecture in the temples. Many of the temples in the state have similarities with Buddhist Gompas and Sikh Gurudwaras. Most of the temples in Himachal Pradesh are essential places of pilgrimage and every year thousands of pilgrims as well as tourists gather at this place.

Most of the temples in the state of Himachal Pradesh are dedicated to the deities of the village. Among all these temples most of them are temples on hills and cave temple. The visit to the temples in Himachal Pradesh is an enlightening experience, both piously and ethnically.

The temples in Himachal Pradesh are considered as really sacred and significant places of worship. These places make for an interesting study if seen from the perspective of art, local beliefs, architecture, myths, legends and festivals. Almost every single village has its own idol and every relationship has its own deity too.

The historic town of Mandi is set along the banks of the River Beas in the state of Himachal Pradesh. The Mandi town has been a major commercial centre, and according to the legends, the sage Mandva is said to have meditated here. The town of Mandi, at one point of time, been the capital of the grand state of Mandi, and now is a rapidly developing town that which still retains most of its original character and charm.

About Shikari Devi Temple:

The Shikari Devi Temple is positioned at a height of 2850 meters in the state of Himachal Pradesh. It is extremely difficult to trek up to the Shikari Devi Temple from Janjheli and Karsog in the town of Mandi. The woods going towards the temple has assorted trees and shrubs, which include various medicinal herbs. There are two separate trekking routes which take one up to the ancient shrine of the Shikari Devi Temple located at the peak of the hill. According to the legends, it is believed that the hunters in the early years once worshipped the Goddess on the mountain asking for success in their hunt. Most probably, the name of the temple has originated from the name of the Goddess Shikari Devi. The goddess is idolized in the form of a stone image. This temple is believed to be in existence from the time of the Pandavas and has no cover or roof on top. According to the myth, whenever anyone tried to build a roof on the Shikari Devi Temple, it had been a failure.

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