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Dundlod Fort, Dundlod

Built by Kehsri Singh, Dundlod Fort is a 17th Century Rajputana Fort infused with great nostalgia of the Shekhawats - a clan of warrior Rajputs who withstood the onslaught of Mughal invasions. Dundlod has managed to retain much of its past glory and historical legacy in its culture and buildings. Even today, Dundlod Fort continues to preserve the rich cultural heritage of Rajasthan, and stands tall as an exquisite embodiment of the perfect blending of Rajputana and Mughal schools of art and architecture.


The Dundlod Fort Dundlod or Dera Dundlod Kila has been wonderfully restored as one of the finest heritage hotels in Rajasthan. The fort has been renovated with utmost care and precision, keeping intact its motif of flowers and foliage, minarets, mythological paintings, archaic furnishings, wall hangings of arrows and shields.

On your Tour to Dundlod Fort in Rajasthan, as you enter the Suraj Pole gateway of the fort, you will feel as if you have been transported in time to an era of the ancient past. Proceed towards the Bichla Darwaza, and thereafter step onto the main courtyard of the fort from the Uttar Pole. A flight of steps will lead you onto the majestic Diwan Khana.

The Diwan Khana of Dundlod Fort Dundlod showcases the magnificence of Mughal architecture and is furnished with archaic furnishings. It has a well stocked library, with a priceless collection of rare books on Indian history. Above the library lies the Duchatta, from where the ladies watched the court proceedings in purdah.

On entering Hotel Dundlod Fort in Rajasthan India, you will be greeted by traditional décor, imperial chairs and tables, miniature historical paintings, besides all the luxuries and amenities of today. Enjoy royal accommodation at the airy rooms at the hotel, which are elegantly furnished with antique furniture and fittings that complement the overall regal ambience. The roof top restaurant offers excellent dining experience in a serene setting enhanced by rustic oil lamps. While at the hotel, you can enjoy various activities like Horse/Camel/Jeep Safaris, Local Sightseeing Trips atop a Camel, Folk Song and Dance Programs arranged regularly, etc.

How to Reach Dundlod Fort

By Air - The nearest airport for chartered flights is at Jhunjhunu, about 30 km from Dundlod. The nearest airport for regular flights is Jaipur, about 160 km away.

By Rail - The nearest railway station is Mukundgarh, from where trains are available to reach Bikaner and Jaipur.

By Road - An excellent network of roads connect the Shekhawati region to other parts of Rajasthan. Dundlod Fort can be reached by road from Delhi (250 km), Jaipur (160 km) and Bikaner (230 km).