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Dahanu Bordi Beach, Mumbai

Fast Facts

Located 145 km off Mumbai. Nearest airport is Mumbai. Can be reached by bus or rail.

Did You Know

The fire of the temple of Udwada has been kept alive for more than thousand years.

Must Do

Beach walking,Picnic,Beach sports, like volleyball.


Dahanu Bordi Beach is located in Thane district of Maharashtra. The famous beach is situated 145 km off Mumbai. The nearest airport is Mumbai. Spread over a distance of 17 km, Dahanu Bordi Beach is one of the best places to go, if you are looking forward to a quiet and relaxing weekend trip.

How to reach Dahanu Bordi Beach:

Dahanu Bordi Beach in Maharashtra is very conveniently located and is accessible from all other parts of the state. You can reach there by rail or by flight. You can take a flight to Mumbai, and then you can take a car to reach Dahanu Bordi Beach in a couple of hours. The nearest railway station is Gholwad. Dahanu Bordi Beach can also be reached by road. Dahanu is 15 km from Bordi. You can take western express highway from Mumbai (that heads to Gujarat - Ahmedabad) - via Thane - Bhiwandi - Jawhar - Manor). It is a good idea to take the state highway road from Manor that heads towards Dahanu, in order to reach Bordi. You can take a car or a luxury bus, to reach there in about an hour.

Popular Tourist Attractions in and around Dahanu Bordi Beach:

Dahanu Bordi Beach is famous for its 'chickoos'. Also remember to visit Udwada, 'the Mecca of the Zoroastrians', which is accessible from Dahanu. The beautiful temple, houses the sacred fire of the Zoroastrians. It is one of the prime attractions of the region. You will be amazed to know that the fire has been kept alive for more than a century.

Popular Activities at Dahanu Bordi Beach:

The golden sandy Dahanu Bordi Beach is ideal for couple's outings as well as family tours. It is a popular choice for picnics, gatherings, and beach walking tours. You will enjoy relaxing by the seashore and listening to the sound of sea waves. Dahanu Bordi Beach is also immensely popular as a religious abode for the Zoroastrians. Also do not miss out local specialties like Puran poli and Shreekhand.

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