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Madrasa Mosque in Bharuch

There are many holy places in Gujarat. Each is marked with distinct features. However the common element that defines the beauty of all is the splendid architectural patterns. The way rich carvings have adorned their facades and interiors is truly commendable.'

On a visit to the religious places in Gujarat you will not only be able to appease your spiritual self but the soul of the art connoisseur too that reside some where deep within. Hence on a tour to Gujarat you can not afford to give the scared sites a miss. As there are countless of holy sites sprawled in different locations of the state so you must be confused as to which one should be taken in first.

The Bharuch Madresa Mosque was built by Mohammad in 1038 AD. Its name is reckoned among the oldest mosques of the state of Gujarat. The most attractive feature of this site is 2 Persian inscriptions on wooden plates that date back to 1609 AD.

History of Madrasa Mosque

The Madresa Mosque in Bharuch was established by Mohammad in 1038 AD. Besides, some of the very elegant engravings that you will spot here were done around 200 to 300 years ago.

Description of Madrasa Mosque

The Bharuch Madresa Mosque boasts of two very beautiful inscriptions in Persian. These inscriptions are etched on wooden plates that date back to 1609 AD. You will be attracted to the ornate columns of the mosque and the front door built of black wood. These are embellished with refined engravings that are about 200 to 300 years old.

Very close to the Madresa Mosque in Bharuch you will find a shrine of the popular saint known as Maulana Ishaqu. He was a learned and noble man. He died in 1660 AD.

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