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Hanuman Chatti Tourism | How to Plan a Trip to Hanuman Chatti

  • Hanuman Chatti
Hanuman Chatti At a Glance
  • Average Climate:10°C - 30°C
  • Best Time to Visit:May - October
  • STD Code:01381

Hanuman Chatti Tourism | Hanuman Chatti Travel Guide

Hanuman Chatti is one of the famous pilgrim sites in Uttarakhand, dotted with numerous temples. This tiny hamlet has a significant value and vibrant atmosphere that attracts many pilgrims and tourists. Even though Hanuman Chatti is not as renowned as Gangotri, Yamunotri, or Gomukh, this small sleepy tiny hamlet is crowded with many small temples. 

A tour of Hanuman Chatti gives the visitors a chance to pay homage to these temples. Many sanyasis from the Jhuna Akhara choose Hanuman Chatti as their place of residence in the pilgrim season. You will see these sanyasis on your Tour to Hanuman Chatti, taking care of the various temples. The red-colored banners and the garlanded lion that is visible are also the symbols of this particular group of sanyasis.

The most noteworthy amongst the temples is the one dedicated to Hanuman. It is not a very towering structure and is about 6 feet tall. One of the most striking features of this Hanuman temple that you should note on your Tour to Hanuman Chatti is the overlapping courses of stone that have resulted in the entire formation. Within the temple's interiors, there is an impressive image of Lord Hanuman carrying a mountain.

To the left of the temple, there is a Samadhi, or burial shrine. It is that of Himalaya Giri, a saint who lived and meditated in Hanuman Chatti. Hindus generally cremate their dead; however, this trend is not followed in the case of ascetics, who are believed to have shed their worldly ties long ago and consequently not subject to what is meant for the commoners. On top of the shrine, there is a Shiva Linga. The obvious implication is that the people revere the saint as Lord Shiva himself.

There is yet another smaller temple dedicated to Lord Durga, but it is relatively less significant. An image of Lord Durga and two tulsi plants symbolizing Goddess Lakshmi can be sighted in the temple. It is also well worth a visit on your Tour to Hanuman Chatti. Pilgrims do not always plan a separate Tour to Hanuman Chatti. Sometimes it is just a stopover on their way to Yamunotri or Uttarkashi. The word "chatti" itself suggests so. However, this important halting point also has a charm that will entice every visitor. The trek Tour to Hanuman Chatti from Dodital also holds a lot of thrill and excitement. So even if you are not very religious-minded, you will surely like to undertake a trek Tour to Hanuman Chatti. Your thirst for adventure is sure to be satisfied.3

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