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Religious Places in Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand is situated on the northern part of India at the foot hills Himalayas and this state is ideal for peace lovers. The combination of Himalayan range, the green vales and the pious weather make the land the adobe of Hindu God and Goddesses.

The mountain ranges and the snow capped peaks are the homeland of various mythological stories. The holy rivers like Ganga and Yamuna that add life and vivacity to the state of rich historical and mythological tales. Uttarakhand is always named as the land of Hindu gods and goddesses. The temples, the old shrines and the tranquility and peace that resides make the travelers to unveil their inner self.

Uttarakhand and its pilgrimage spots like Cham Dhams, Badrinath, Yamunotri and Gangotri are regarded as the dwelling places of serenity. Most of the Hindu followers take Haridwar as the 'gateway of Land of Gods' and the temples with the echoing bells of temples, chanting of mantras by the sages can take you away from this material world.

The spirituality and the holiness that resides are so dissimilar from the busy materialistic city life. Uttarakhand and its religious places are ideal for relaxing and spending time in peace and tranquility. The rambling springs and the holiness that is believed have the power to cure all the difficulties and stress. Apart from innumerous number of temples and holy shrines, there are other historical structures like Laksman Jula and Rishikesh house are the sights of tourist attraction.

Prayers, yoga and various spiritual presentations and seminars take place that open up a new route to spiritual upliftment and elevation.

To know more about temples and holy spots of Uttarakhand browse the links below. There are several Temples in Uttarakhand and that will give the detailed history of India and its mythology.

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