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Yoga in Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand is a beautiful land that offers many ashrams and centers for learning Yoga. It is a combination of physical, mental, and spiritual practices to live a happy and peaceful life. Yoga in Uttarakhand has been practiced for many centuries and attracts people throughout the year. Rishikesh is the Yoga capital of the World and is dotted with many ashrams that offer Yoga courses. 

You can also attend the International Yoga festival in Rishikesh, which entices people worldwide. Uttarakhand's spiritually elevating aura and environment make it an ideal destination for practicing Yoga and meditation. You can indulge in Yoga and meditation at various places in this state. 

Detailed Information About Yoga in Uttarakhand

Based on Patanjali Sutras of the Vedic School, the Yoga Cult derives its origin in India. Patanjali has a set of 195 aphorisms which are short passages intended for easy memorization. They have a philosophical base and attempt to check the negative progress of the mind, which tends to dwell on unwanted thoughts and adverse feelings. Yoga clarifies some esoteric concepts of life such as Karma and endeavors to purify the body and mind.

Traditional Hatha Yoga consists of many aspects like Kriyas, Bandhas, Mudras, and Pranayama. Continuous yoga practice releases a person from fatal diseases and chronic pains and endows them with a fresh lease of life.

An itinerary of Yoga practice consists of prayers and meditation at the crack of dawn, followed by Asanas in the open and Pranayama, terminating in a breakfast session. After that, a short lecture on the various aspects of Yoga is delivered, and people get to know the significance of the thing they are practicing.

This is followed by a hand massage session, perhaps the most vital part of the entire period. Hand Massage, or the scientific application of age-old shastra, cures an ailing person entirely, and herein lies the secret of Yoga Practice.

Famous Yoga Centers and Ashrams in Uttarakhand

Yoga classes in Uttarakhand are widely popular among adults who want to maintain a balance between soul, mind, and body. Some of the popular destinations of this state have yoga centers, ashrams, and wellness resorts for such ancient practices. 

  • The Yoga Study Centre (Rishikesh)
  • Yoga Niketan Ashram (Rishikesh)
  • Anasakti Ashram (Kausani)
  • Vinyasa Yoga Ashram (Dehradun)
  • Akshi Yogashala (Dehradun)
  • Sivananda Ashram (Rishikesh)
  • Blessed Ayurved (Haridwar)
  • Anand Prakash Ashram (Rishikesh)
  • Himalayan Yog Ashram (Rishikesh)
  • Rishikesh Yogpeeth (Rishikesh)

All these Yoga Research Centers in Uttarakhand endeavor to contact the ailing men, giving them respite from the pangs of life, much like the temples of various Gods and Goddesses that they come to visit in Uttarakhand. Uttarakhand truly deserves its epithet of being the abode of God.  

The most vital point is the ancient association of the Yoga Cult; it is hard to believe that the ancient people knew so much about life-saving medicines. They left for us their sacred knowledge, wherein we find a new lease of life.