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Gaumukh Tourism | How to Plan a Trip to Gaumukh

  • Gaumukh
Gaumukh At a Glance
  • Average Climate:10°C - 15°C
  • Best Time to Visit:March - June , September - November
  • STD Code:01376

Gaumukh Travel Guide

Gaumukh tour gives one the excellent opportunity to delight in nature's scenic beauty and gain spiritual satisfaction. Gangotri, nestled by the magnificent Garhwal hills, is a significant pilgrim destination for religious-minded Hindus. According to a mythological legend, the temple at Gangotri marks the spot where Lord Bhagirath worshipped Lord Shiva. God was pleased with his penance and granted that the Ganges would descend on earth in keeping with his wishes. It was here that the holy river touched the earth. However, if anyone is interested in witnessing the precise source of this sacred river, he needs to plan a tour to Gaumukh.

After reaching Gangotri, it is impossible to go to Gaumukh by any public means of transportation. The roads are not conducive for any vehicles. So trekking or riding on ponies are the only two options at hand. However, trekking here is sure to be thoroughly enjoyed by all nature and adventure lovers. Quench your thirst for adventure on your Tour to Gaumukh. Nature is charming and challenging at the same time. You feel enamored by its classic beauty, and there is also an irresistible urge to conquer it. This trek Tour to Gaumukh has a unique charm of its own.

Climbing rocks, leaping across boulders, passing through glaciers, and much more will be a part of your trek Tour to Gaumukh. An additional attraction will be the fantastic variety of plants and animals that you will get to see. Imagine sighting herds of bharal or blue mountain goats. Silver birch and blue pine dominate the vegetative cover of the region. This picturesque location will enthrall all tourists be it the religious devotees coming on ponies or the adventurous trekkers.

At the end of the arduous trek up the steep path or a harrowing journey on a pony, as these are the only two alternatives at any visitor's disposal, you will finally reach Gaumukh. The distance you will cover from Gangotri when on a Tour to Gaumukh is 19 km. Witness the Gangotri glacier's snout and the Ganges River source. Here the river is also popularly known as Bhagirathi because the river came down on earth only after Lord Shiva granted Bhagirath's prayers. The water is chilling cold, but the devotees nevertheless take a dip in the water because herein lies the significance of their tour to Gaumukh. 

You can contact us to know more about Gaumukh tourism. Besides this destination, you can cover many other beautiful tourist destinations of Uttarakhand by booking our well-designed Gaumukh tour packages.