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Veraval Beach

Fast Facts

Located near the holy city of Somnath, Located 75 kilometers away from Junagarh,Located 412 kilometers away from Ahmedabad,Closest airport is Ahmedabad,There are trains and buses from Ahmedabad as well,Trains are available from Mumbai.

Did You Know

Veraval beach is an important sea port for the pilgrims to Mecca It is a major fishing port.

Must Do

Swimming,Jogging,Camel rides,Sunbathing.


Veraval beach is located at Gujarat. It is situated close to the holy city of Somnath. It is well known for the beautiful beachfront that has been attracting visitors over the years.

One of the major tourist attractions of Veraval beach is an old fort that is located near the beach. It is notable for its immense splendor. There are some other well known tourist attractions as well like Surya Mandir, Somnath temple, Triveni Tirth, Prabhas Patan museum, Sasan and Bakhla Tirth. Visitors can also go to the Kamleshwar dam, which is a significant tourist attraction as well. There are a number of activities that may be indulged in by the visitors when on a trip to Veraval beach. These are swimming and jogging as well as sunbathing.

It is safe to swim at the sea near Veraval beach. There is a jogging track along the beach and there are a number of benches that line the track. This provides the visitors with ample opportunities to look after their health. Visitors can also enjoy rides on camels. Since the sea food available at Veraval beach is of the highest quality visitors do not need to worry about their food either.

The best time to visit Veraval beach is from July to March. It is located at a distance of 75 kilometers from Junagath and 412 kilometers from Ahmedabad, which is the capital city of Gujarat. Getting to Veraval beach should not be a major problem as there are a number of options available for that purpose. Visitors can also avail trains from Mumbai.

The nearest airport to Veraval beach is the Ahmedabad airport. Other than that, visitors can also avail buses and trains. There are plenty of options for accommodation at Veraval beach as there is a wide range of options available. There are luxury, budget class and deluxe hotels that provide top class facilities.

Park is the leading hotel at Veraval beach. It has air conditioned rooms, a pool and a garden as well. Visitors can also avail dharmshalas and guest houses besides some inexpensive hotels provided they want to stay near the beachfront.

Veraval beach has immense religious significance as well. It serves as a seaport for people who are on a pilgrimage to Mecca. It is a well known fishing harbor. Veraval port is well known for the number of trawlers and country that are always present over there.

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