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Cyclopean Dam

There was a huge lake which lay west of Bhojpur. The lake has dried up and what are left till date are the remains of the ancient dams which used to hold the water of the lake.

The whole area was surrounded by hills on two sides which acted as a natural wall. The two sides which were not walled was the area chosen to build the dams. The two gaps had a width of 100 yards and 500 yards each. Massive earthen dams were built to close the gaps. Both sides of the dam were made of blocks of sandstone which were fixed without mortar. The smaller dam closing the 100 yards gap is 44 feet tall, and 300 feet broad while the larger dam closing the 500 yards gap is 24 feet tall and 100 yards broad.

History of cyclopean dam

It is known that the massive lake was destroyed by Hoshang Shah of Malwa who broke through the smaller dam. The Gond legend believes that the army of Hoshang Shah took three months to empty. The bed of the lake even after being emptied out was not habitable for more than thirty years.

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