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Maheshwar Temple

Madhya Pradesh is the state where you can easily experience the diversity in every corner of the state. Here the state is laden with well known national parks, historical temples, vivacious waterfalls and great forts. You will get a wonderful chance to explore the land as the land is full of activities and culture. Maheshwar is small town that bears rich heritage of the past. Holkar dynasty and its work of art show the advancement that the rulers had made during their rule in the by gone days.

Maheshwar Temple is one of the oldest constructions that unveil the history to the recent times. The temple bears the carved overhanging balconies. This place is wonderfully decorated with stone carvings, there are intricately worked doorways and all this splendid carvings are ideal for the showing the rich past and their taste in work of art.

Apart from this temple there are Kaleshwar, Rajarajeshwara, Ahileshwar and Vithaleshwara temples which uncovers the other side of Indian culture.

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