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Bhojashala Mosque

A major tourist attraction in the small medieval town of Dhar is the Bhojashala Mosque. The mosque was originally a temple. It is believed to have been constructed by Raja Bhoj. Later after the accession of Alauddin Khilji to the throne of Delhi, Dhar came under Islamic influence and it was probably at this time that the temple was converted to a mosque.

There are several Sanskrit inscriptions that can be found in the Bhojashala Mosque which authenticates the fact that it was earlier a temple. A large number of motifs are found. There are inscriptions of conch shells, bells. The architecture of Bhojshala is akin to a typical Hindu Temple. You will surely be impressed by the architectural skills that have been displayed.

Dhar is well connected to the major towns and cities of Madhya Pradesh by road. Buses ply at regular intervals. There is no problem in reaching Dhar once you have reached Maheshwar or Mandu or Indore. Indore is the nearest airport and all of them are also well connected by rail to different parts of India.

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